Shaw Hospitality Quality and Performance

Quality & Performance

The Shaw Quality System is a customized version of the ISO 9001/9002 quality system standards. SQS is the standard for all Shaw operations, with individual facilities and operations responsible for implementing and maintaining quality systems. This system allows Shaw to conduct internal audits to verify and control the quality of all its products.

Six Sigma

Shaw employs the Six Sigma business improvement methodology to increase operational excellence, understand complex data and find process solutions. Over 100 Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts are employed at Shaw.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing practices ensure that Shaw achieves the maximum amount of effectiveness from its manufacturing equipment. Because downtime impacts production, shipping, delivery and, potentially, customer satisfaction, Shaw employs Lean ideas to achieve maximum efficiency. Lean helps to determine "waste" and how to eliminate it, producing a streamlined process that ultimately enhances the customer experience.

Environmental Management System

Increasing operating efficiency is a major way that we are reducing our impact. We monitor our processes through the Shaw Environmental Systems (SES), our specialized environmental management system that monitors and reduces our energy, water, emissions and waste. This system is modeled after the requirements of ISO 14001 while tailored to fit the specific needs of a carpet manufacturer. All of our carpet manufacturing plants are certified through the SES. Additionally, our carpet tile facility is certified through ISO 14001.


With manufacturing facilities across eight states and thousands of plant employees, safety is a strong focus for Shaw. Ensuring a safe manufacturing environment helps our people do their best. Safety committees and task forces at the plant level find solutions to potential safety issues and implement recommendations. With buy-in at every level, our employees are committed to a safe working environment.