• Custom Tufted Collection

    Custom Tufted Collections

    There’s a reason why we are the industry leader in tufted carpet for public space, guest rooms and corridors. Our tufted broadloom and carpet tile flooring offers distinctive designs with unsurpassed performance at competitive prices. The Shaw Hospitality in-house design team works with you to create custom patterns or you can select from our award-winning collections – both of which are available using more than 270 solution-dyed nylon colors or choose from more than 100 yarn-dyed colors.

    Tufted Minimums: 500 yards for 12 ft width
    2,000 yards for 15 ft width

  • Custom Print Collection

    Custom Print Collections

    We understand that competitive hotels require a look that reflects the brand's uniqueness. With the industry's most advanced printing technology and custom design support team, our digital printing system reproduces complex patterns and intricate details with precise line definition and exact color saturation.

    Print broadloom offers extraordinary design flexibility and customization. Select up to 10 colors per pattern from our extensive library of more than 720 colors with pattern repeats of up to 100 feet long and up to 60 feet wide. Industry-leading design flexibility, combined with a proprietary roster of base textures and weights, will satisfy and specification.

    Print Minimums: 50 yards

  • Custom CYP Collection

    Custom CYP Collections

    This digital tufting process allows us to create beautifully patterned carpets that rival the look and performance of woven. CYP creates textural effects with cut and loop construction. The end result: carpet that looks woven, but with the bleach and fade resistance of solution-dyed nylon. CYP is available in a variety of backing options. An extensive library of more than 270 solution-dyed colors and more than 100 yarn-dyed colors offer vast product flexibility for your design needs.

    Manufactured in the United States, CYP is typically less expensive than woven and has shorter lead times. CYP is competitive flooring aesthetic that is more durable, less expensive and ships faster than Axminster carpets.

    CYP Minimums: 50 yards