Custom Carpet and Flooring Designs for Hospitality Industries

Custom Carpet and Flooring Design

Show us your design concepts – from a floral sketch on a napkin to a photograph from recent travels. We'll take your inspirations and present you with a range of creative flooring design choices based on your ideas.

Custom Patterns

Whether your interest is to simply modify one of our extensive pattern collections or you aspire to develop a custom carpet pattern, our team of design specialists is prepared to collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.

Color Options

Perceptive of ever-evolving color trends, we consistently add fashion-forward hues to the color library. With more than 720 print colors and 288 Eco Solution Q® solution dyed nylon colors for tufted and CYP carpets, your color options are comprehensive, yet flexible, and allow you to make effective choices quickly and easily.

Running Line Products

Assortments of running line print and tufted hospitality carpet collections are available to meet your time and budget requirements. Detail, pattern, texture and color…everything you need to creatively define your next design project in public space and guest rooms.